Introducing Nayela - Built in Association with Van Zyl Staalwerke

Van Zyl Staal Steelworks is the pioneer of modern South African farm implements development. The results of their hard work are reflected in their reputation as one of South Africa’s finest farm equipment suppliers and distributors, with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Their skills as a quality agriculture equipment manufacturing company now also applied to the Caravan market!

The Nayela Range


The top selling model of our range.

With everything that you need.

Optional extras available.


Same as the Okapi, but with bigger tyres (16″). Results in 100mm more ground clearance.

Suspension reinforced.

Has longer hitch – spare tyre or nose cone can be installed in front.

Utility Storage Frame included as standard.


Same as OkapiX, but with independent suspension.

Therefore better off-road handling and stability.

Extra water tank as standard.


New design and layout.

Family orientated.

Extend roof manually.

2 Bunker beds instead of shower, toilet, wash bin and gas stove.

Start your new adventure in the Nayela Okapi, a luxurious all rounder with waterproof bodyshell, and innovative aesthetic design.

Fibreglass Mono-hull Bodyshell Design!

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